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The CutPRO cut resistant clothing collection of 2020 aims to eliminate lacerations in ...

KNARESBOROUGH, England - (BUSINESS WIRE) - September 24, 2019--

CutPRO, the cut-resistant clothing brand from the UK, is committed to helping glass producers around the world reduce the number and severity of cuts and lacerations.The company's ultimate goal is to eliminate such accidents in the future.

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CutPRO's latest design following global consultations (Photo: Business Wire)

Today, for the official launch of its 2020 collection, CutPRO is extremely proud to have forged close relationships with some of the largest producers of high performance and float glass.

These agreements have resulted in the creation and improvement of manufacturing concepts, which occurs in the information gathered.Our customers' opinions, in-depth research on potential risks and understanding are accumulating in this work environment.are invaluable.

CutPRO product consultants visited many manufacturing sites, met with personnel health and safety officials, and spoke to many glass workers.

Realizing fully that cut-resistant clothing and personal protective equipment are mandatory elements in work environments where cuts and lacerations are a potential risk, the company also wants to ensure that the end user feels at ease.feel comfortable and happy to wear these clothes.

The thermal variation between the cold and the hot part of a float glass manufacturing site can represent an extreme challenge in terms of comfort and breathability.A factor which has proven to be of utmost importance at the time of reflection this new collection.

As the International Encyclopedia of Work Organization, Occupational Health and Safety points out, the main risks for professionals working in the glass manufacturing sector are cuts, lacerations and perforations in the tissues soft.

According to the International Labor Organization, approximately 93% of lost days in the glass manufacturing sector are the result of injuries rather than occupational diseases.

Robert Kaiser, CEO of CutPRO and its parent company PPSS Group, says: "We are committed to reducing the risk of laceration and cutting.Our ambition is to eliminate cut injuries from the glass industry.we don't stop until we reach this goal."

"Handling flat glass carries the risk of serious injury.Accidents continue to occur, especially where the glass is processed.Appropriate protections must be worn, especially when the glass is handled by hand, and I am convinced that CutPRO cut-resistant clothing is affected."

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